Quitting Meds is a joint project between the founders of the People’s Pharmacy, Joe & Terry Graedon, and the founder of Psych Central, John Grohol. After chatting a number of times about the number of personal stories written to our respective websites about “discontinuation syndrome” (the ill, adverse effects of quitting many popular brand-name drugs), we believed it would be beneficial to do something more about it. The vision behind the project is to bring together in a single site all the knowledge, resources, and insights all of us have to share about the challenges of discontinuing prescription medications.

Quitting a prescription drug isn’t as easy as just stopping it. Psychiatric drugs are especially difficult to quit, because a person may end up taking one (or more) of those drugs for years. A person’s body gets used to that medication, and so quitting it isn’t simply a matter of will-power or decision.

But it’s not just psychiatric drugs that people have difficulty quitting. This site seeks to gather together reports, guides, and “how-to’s” from around the world to determine the best practices for how to best stop taking any drug.

Please join us in our efforts to make this common problem a little less common, and a little bit easier for the hundreds of thousands of people who try to stop taking a prescription drug every year.